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What Motivated Me To Get Custom Flash Drives Besides The Design

Motivation is an interesting question. Why does anyone do anything? Why do people buy products? Why do people get services? What distinguishes one form of advertising from the other? Well the answer is people respond to stimulus that interrupts their pattern. When something takes them out of their regular, routine of the world, it tell the part of the brain that's responsible for arousal to wake them up. This is why I believe heavily in getting my advertising to be as interesting as possible to the viewer.

When someone sees my flash drives, it makes them look at it. They see the customization and they see how much detail was put into making something great that will have an impression with them. There's no other way to do it except...maybe shout at them to listen to you, but we all know that can't work on the long-term. Not only do people need their pattern interrupted with a great, detailed, design, but they have something they can remember you with, something they can take home with them and use over and over again.

This was the whole idea that motivated us to get these things called custom flash drives. They motivated our viewers to take action, and it helped them remember who we were. It turned out to be the best decision we made all year. The drives are what they can take home and look at again and again. What a great way to make an impression...don't you say?

What about you? What do you keep at home that's been with you for years? What motivates you to take a gander and listen to them? Probably not much, but every person has these kind of objects in their possession. It's not that hard to find, just look around and see. The things you've kept for so long are the ones that you find the most valuable. So why not make your advertising stuff as memorable and savable as possible. It only make sense and it keeps your viewers motivated.

Custom Flash Drives

This is what customUSB does when they're making drives for the Krispy company. What do you think? Does this motivate you to go and get a donut, because it's sure making me hungry and I bet the USBs work really swell too.

Here's some mo info about what you can do with this stuff including iconography: