Who is the best Las Vegas caterer?

Las Vegas Caterers: Worry Free Catering

With many types of special events in Las Vegas, it is common and even customary to serve your guests food. This includes everything from a baby or bridal shower to an anniversary or dinner party, a wedding reception and more. Appetizers and finger foods may be suitable for some events, and full meals are more well-suited for other events. It is generally not practical or convenient to prepare and serve these foods on your own. Before you can enjoy professional Las Vegas catering services, you need to find the best caterer for the job. These helpful tips make it easier to find the right caterer for your upcoming special event.

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Get Recommendations from Friends and Family in Nevada

You can read reviews about different catering companies in Las Vegas, NV online, but a better idea is to ask friends and family members in the area for recommendations. Some people may tell you that they loved a specific caterer they used for their last big event, and others may tell you to avoid a different caterer. This personalized feedback from people who you know personally and trust may be more meaningful to you than an online review from a stranger. You may even recall how much you loved the catering at a previous event that you recently attended, and you can ask the party host for that event who the caterer was.

Ask Your Vendors

If your research through friends and family members was not fruitful, another great idea is to ask vendors for recommendations. They may know which caterers their clients most commonly hire. They also may be aware of which caterers are reliable, professional and otherwise great to work with. Your vendors who may have recommendations include a florist, a party planner, a DJ and others. You can also ask the venue representative where you are hosting the event for recommendations. Keep in mind that some venues require you to use one of their approved vendors, but they may provide you with a list of a few catering companies on the Strip to choose from.

Think About Your Favorite Restaurants

Another strategic approach that you can take to find the right caterer to use is to reach out to your favorite restaurants in the local area. Many restaurants offer catering services, and some may even provide you with wait service from a team of their waitstaff. Because you may be very familiar with the menu items and the quality of food from local Vegas restaurants, this is a great option to consider.

Review the Restaurant Menu

As soon as you begin reaching out to a few caterers or restaurants, you will find that the menu options and services vary dramatically. Some companies, for example, only offer one type of food or a few specific dishes. Others have a huge menu that you can choose from that may span across several pages. It is common to find catering companies that only offer sit-down meals or appetizers, but they do not provide both. You should have a reasonable idea about what type of food you want to serve at your event before reviewing menus. This can simplify your efforts considerably.

Estimate the Cost

The cost of Nevada catering services in the local area varies dramatically. In addition, there are numerous add-on fees and fees that may not be easy to locate on the menu. A smart idea is to ask for a specific quote from the catering companies that you are most interested in using. To make it easier to determine which quote is most affordable, request a quote for similar types of menu items. The offerings vary so considerably that a true apples-to-apples comparison is difficult. However, when you request similar menu options for the same number of guests, it is easier to identify the value in the best quote.

Sample the Chef’s Food

One of the most important steps that you can take before hiring a caterer is to sample the food. It may not be realistic to sample all items that you plan to order, but you should be able to sample major dishes and sides as well as a few appetizers. Compare samples from multiple catering companies rather than just one. In addition, bring a friend or family member with you so that you can get multiple opinions about the food quality and test. Understand that the quality of catering and the variety of foods offered can make or break the overall success of your event.

Focus on Extra Services Provided

Some catering companies and restaurants in Clark County only provide food delivery at a specific date or time. They do not set up your food tables or even provide serving forks and spoons. Some do not provide drinks or condiments. When your catering company does not provide these items, you will need to pay another company to provide them, or you will need to worry about getting them o your own. On the other hand, some catering companies offer truly turnkey service, and this includes with complete setup and cleanup, all serving dishes, plates and utensils for the guests and even on-site waitstaff and bussing service during the event. The quotes for a full-service experience are usually higher, but keep in mind that you would need to pay for dishes, service and more from another company if your caterer does not provide the service for you.

Choosing the right Las Vegas caterer to host your event is one of the more important party planning activities that you need to tackle. Before you begin looking for caterers, define your needs. This will help you to more easily locate the top caterers to focus your attention on. Requesting quotes and sampling food from your top options are essential steps required if you want to make the most informed decision about which caterer to hire.